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Reminder to Media: If you plan to go to a school, please check in at the public office. If you plan to quote students or identify them in pictures, please check with the principal or supervisor beforehand to make sure parents have not restricted directory information for those students.

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September, 2014

12:30 PM-2:30 PM
High School Nation Music and Arts Tour
High School Nation is a traveling music & arts assembly that will visit 25 campuses in the US this Fall. Our campus has been selected as one of these schools on Friday, September 26th from 12:30-2:30. This will be a 2 hour all-student assembly on our field or gym. It is setup like a small festival. There are interactive booths for music, fine arts, dance, journalism, and fashion. Our students will be able to play instruments, paint on canvas, learn about music recording, learn how to DJ, and learn about TV production and green screen. There is also a stage with live performances throughout the assembly for the students who would prefer to just enjoy the music. Prizes will be given out to students during the assembly, which include: a brand new guitar, DJ turntables, backpacks full of art supplies, microphones, and more! There will also be a vocal recording booth for students to show their skills as a singer! The focus of the tour is to connect students with post-secondary opportunities in the music and arts industry, and students will be involved with the entire process from set-up to finish gaining job experience in the music, arts, and media production fields.
Ferris High School
3020 E. 37th Ave.

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Sammy Anderson

August, 2014

LC and NC make list of top high schools
LC and NC were named to The Daily Beast's list of top high schools for 2014. Find out more at www.thedailybeast.com/features/2014/america-s-top-high-schools.html
LC and NC

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Kristy Mylroie